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The Ramirez SPR classical guitar is based on the SP model designed by Amalia Ramirez in 2002, and is available with either European Spruce or Cedar tops. The SP in the model

designation SP stands for Semi-Professional model and we find it to be effectively very much in the league of the Professional 1a models we carry, but at roughly half the price.

The Ramirez SPR offers tonal improvements on the older, now discontinued SP model and visually features the same mosaic design on the rosette and bridge tie-block.

The superb tone, volume and balance of the SPR make it an ideal concert stage instrument — an instrument that would make any advanced player very happy indeed.

Offered in Spruce top for enhanced top end clarity and in Cedar for the slightly fuller bass response. All AAA grade woods are used throughout, and the new SP is a welcome addition to the Ramirez line.

The Ramirez SPR classical guitar features a lovely new rosette designed by Amalia Ramírez and a ‘historic’ label in the style of the labels seen in pre-1960s era Ramirez guitars.

Amalia Ramirez created the SPR guitar as an intermediate model between the Ramirez Studio and Professional series classical guitars, partialy built at the all-solid-wood instrument for the serious student of classical guitar.

These instruments feature all solid wood construction, an 8 top-strut fan brace pattern as used in the Ramirez Conservatorio model, a unique custom soundhole mosaic rosette and custom Ramirez label. The headstock shape is the standard modern pattern associated with Ramirez guitars. These guitars are also available with MIDI outputs and with Fishman and Shertler transducer systems.

The design features are uniquely Ramirez in decoration, tone, and quality of sound and materials. Although their construction is not completely done by the Ramírez workshop, all guitars are inspected and adjusted in the Ramirez workshop by Ramirez craftsmen under Amalia Ramirez’s personal supervision.

Ramirez SPR guitars are reasonably priced yet high quality Spanish-made instruments and enjoy great popularity with serious students of the classical guitar. They are a reflection of the consistently excellent tone and balance of Ramirez guitars at any price level.

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