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P-CIOKS Baby Mach 2
Power Supply

The smallest power supply for effect pedals from CIOKS with 5 outlets. All outlets are with well filtered, regulated 9V DC. The small size makes it ideal for smaller setups or pedal boards. Red LED indicator shows status of the first 9V DC section on outlets 1-4 with a total of 200mA. Outlet 5 is isolated, also with 9V DC and yields 100mA. Green LED indicator shows status of this last outlet and also here will warn you about overload or short circuit. A glance and you know everything is all right.

small size and weight
great for small boards with standard 9V pedals
possibility of connecting a positive GND pedal such as ex. OctaFuzz, Soulbender or ’69 pedal from Fulltone or Proctavia from VoodooLab
possibility for connecting an 18V pedal using the Stack Flex
great selection of Flex cables as accessories
two LED status indicators (one for each section)
overload and short circuit protected
2m mains cable
5 Flex cables included

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