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The Digitech FS300 Footswitch is a three way foot switch that it designed for use with of course, a few different Digitech products. It’s a really simple foot controller with three different switches, and is pretty compact as it’s about the size of a normal pedal. The box isn’t the sturdiest feeling on the world, but I’ve definitely never had any problems related to this. I don’t know the full list of pedals and products that the FS300 is compatible with, but we’ve got one in the studio where I work for use with the Jam Man looper pedal. I can’t say that I know if you can use it for other brands or not, but I would think not. I do know that it can also be used with the Vocalist Performer and the GNX3multi-effects pedal. Basically, the FS300 has three separate foot switches and a single 1/4″ jack. Depending on the pedal that you’re using it with, I’m sure that the three foot switches can be used differently. Of course since it’s specifically designed for products made by Digitech, they’ve decided that they are going to charge much more than what this pedal is really worth. Depending on what you want to use this with, you may or may not be able to find something from a different brand that does the same trick. However, I’d be cautious and make sure that whatever you do get meets the needs you’ve got, whether it be the FS300 or something else. The upside with the FS300 is that you know it will be compatible with your Digitech pedal, but the downside is the price. If you have a Digitech product that needs a footswitch, I’d probably recommend going with this one, but definitely explore your options since this one is a bit overpriced…

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